Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Katrina Could Have Been Worse?

Meteorologists are saying Hurricane Katrina could have been worse. That a "puff" of dry air from the Midwest knocked it down to a Category 4 hurricane from a Category 5.

But then they go on to say that of course this hurricane was 200 miles wide, in comparison to Hurricane Charley's 10 miles, and that it did huge damage to New Oreleans anyway, because the levies broke and the water kept rising even after the hurricane left town.

And it's probably not much consolation to Mississippi that everyone keeps talking about the storm moving east and sparing New Orleans the full brunt, because you know who got it? Mississippi. And I'll bet they'd be happier if the storm had moved a little bit more to the west, actually. No offense, New Orleans, but better you than us.

@ ROFASix, NOTR says "Worse is hard to imagine. And it seems incomprehensible that we should be thankful Katrina wasn’t. But that seems to be the case here."