Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Washington Post with Stick Up Its Ass Over Amazon Text Stats

The Washington Post has this annoying article today about how Amazon.com's Text Stats service deconstructs books to the lowest common denominator level so no one even has to bother reading, or at least reading above the brain level of an 8th grader.

Get the stick out of your ass, people. I know you have to fill space, but another blabfest about the dumbing down of society is BORING. If you like books and want to read something challenging, do it and leave us alone. If we want to use the Amazon stats to find out which book might be good for laying in bed for five minutes before we fall asleep without taxing our brain too much, we don't need some snooty graduate school intellectual to tell us we're stupid for doing it. Butt out.

@ elemenohpee, Scott says "This is just a case of someone trying to read more significance into what is a fun and harmless distraction."

@ Plato's Torch, Buckeye39 says, "Whoa there, cowboy! Don't get too worked up about this- you may hurt yourself..."