Thursday, September 15, 2005

9/11 Commission Won't Shut Their Stinky Lips

The big heroes of the 9/11 commission are busy flapping their gums about the response to Katrina:

Anyone watching that storm knew it was going to affect Florida, Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana," said Lee Hamilton, a former Democratic congressman from Indiana. "This is not a disaster for the mayor of New Orleans to deal with."

"It was a disappointing response," said Thomas Kean, a former Republican governor of New Jersey.


"It was obvious nobody knew who was in charge," Kean said. "There was no unified command structure ... the mayor is saying one thing, the governor says another. The president is in the state, and the governor learns about it on TV."

Buncha fooking Monday morning quarterbacks these guys. It's driving them crazy that they're not in the spotlight anymore so they have to go spouting off - look at me! look at me! I was on the 9/11 Commission! I've got opinions, too!

We don't have to listen to you guys -- you were the 9/11 Commission, not the Katrina Commission, and there's not going to be one of those, so stick it in your piehole ya has-beens!

"A number of our recommendations were in the area of emergency preparedness. Had they been executed, the death toll would have been lower," Hamilton said.

Oh, my, and if you'd been a better politician you woulda been president and you could've handled the crisis and lowered the "death toll," moron. Instead you're over there stroking your 9/11 Commission report that no one even read anyway, just like all these other "reports" and "research" that is always going on. No one reads that crap -- it's just to prop up the economy.

You should be kissing George W. Bush's left testicle that you were even considered relevant enough to be on a 9/11 Commission that was completely ignored, because at least it said 9/11 on it and everyone knows that was important so you get to have a little importance rub off on you even though no one knows who the fook you are and couldn't give three little dingleberries.

9/11 is so over. It's Katrina time, baby! And you're not invited.

@ SkogsBlog, Paul says: "There is more than sufficient evidence to prove criminal negligence on the part of many parties involved in this debacle. We need to investigate it while it is fresh in our nations mind, before the art of obfuscation and denial can be plied by people who have proven to be masters at the craft. We owe it to those who are still floating in their attics."

@ A Lie A Day, John says: "Screw up a national rescue, don't worry, the failed FEMA response will not be investigated, heck they won't even bother to find out how a man with a bogus resume could win approval from the Republican controlled Senate."

@ The Left Coaster: "the GOP senate took the necessary steps to cover Bush’s ass when they rejected an outside commission to look into government’s response to Katrina, even though a large majority of the public wants an outside commission to investigate what went wrong at all levels."