Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Asking Questions Is Now "Stuck on Stupid"

The right-wingers are all zippy today over this Lt. General Honore telling the press they are "stuck on stupid" for asking questions about Hurricane Katrina at a press conference about preparations for Hurricane Rita.

Basically, "stuck on stupid" seems to mean that asking questions about humongous disasters in the past and why the response to them was totally screwed up is completely irrelevant. If you're not looking forward and forgetting the past, you're "stuck on stupid."

It's fitting that the right wing would love this one, because the M.O. of the whole right-wing is "don't look at our history of bad policy, lies and corruption" -- look toward tomorrow when things will undoubtedly be better, wink, wink. To think that maybe the past is predictive of the future is to be "stuck on stupid."

I can just see George Bush using this with reporters...

Reporter: "Mr. President, as you yourself have admitted, Hurricane Katrina exposed the desperate poverty of millions of Americans and our nation's blind eye to their plight. Is it appropriate to cut taxes for chubby pinkish rich people at a time when so many are suffering, especially when the rich have benefited so much from your policies already?"

Bush: "Well, you're stuck on stupid. Like I've said, we're going to help those poor people going forward now that we know they're there."

Reporter: "Are you saying you didn't know the poor people were there and that's why the government has done so little to help them?"

Bush: "Again, you're stuck on stupid. I'm talking about helping those poor people, not dwelling on how they got poor or our ignorance of them in the past. We need to look forward here."

Reporter: "But why should the American people believe that you'll have any interest in poor people when you haven't done anything for them in the past?"

Bush: "Stuck on stupid. I said we're looking forward, not talking about the past. I don't know how to make that any more clear. Next question."

Report #2: "Mr. President, almost 2,000 American soldiers have now died in Iraq with no forseeable end to the conflict. When you look back on your decision to invade and your plans for post-invasion activities, do you think you would do anything differently?"

Bush: "Y'all are so stuck on stupid I'm not even going to continue."

(Bush wanders away shaking his head.)

@ Patriotic Mom: "I knew I loved this man from the second I saw him kicking ass when he first arrived in New Orleans."

@ Pocket Full of Mumbles: "Can you believe the media demanding to know why evacuation preparations for Rita are better than those of Katrina. More race baiting? Or just stupidity? Could it be that it's as simple as America not wanting a repeat of Katrina?