Monday, September 12, 2005

Barry Bonds Is Back, Baby!

Hot damn, Barry's back!

All season long I've been on the edge of my seat, constantly checking to hear Barry pontificate on life and the state of his knees, hoping against hope that he could come back before the baseball season was over and flex his steroid-pumped (I mean flaxseed-pumped) muscles and drive some baseballs to Mars for a team going nowhere fast.

Here's hoping Barry goes the way of Juan Gonzalez tonight -- one at-bat, a grimace, and then see ya next year. (Maybe.)

@ The Guy, Barry receives honorable mention in the list of sportsters most likely to commit a homicide.

@ Fungoes, Pip says Ryne Sandberg writes like a 6th grader for Yahoo Sports and should stop kissing Barry Bonds musclebound behind.