Thursday, September 08, 2005

Do You REALLY Love Black People?

Everyone piled on me the other day about this post and this post, saying what a horrible cretin I am and I'm headed straight to hell, etc., but over the last couple days I'm seeing the Katrina hypocrites at their best.

"Sure we'll give y'all some money, but you refugees go back where you came from. Huh? Oh, yeah, you can't do that. Well, you can't stay in my backyard."

The other night Barbara Bush, America's white-haired sweetheart, remarked that it was "scary" to have all of these refugees coming to Texas. This was after she told us that camping out at second base in the Houston Astrodome was preferable to living in their own piece of sheet homes back in New Orleans.

And now the people of Texas are buying guns to defend themselves from the very people they were reaching out to the day before yesterday. And they're not shy about telling what they think of these intruders:

One angry listener who called in to a Houston radio station slapped down state Governor Rick Perry for freeing up unconditional funds for those afflicted by the disaster.

"Why don't they give them a shovel to go work somewhere in return (for) the aid they get?" the listener asked.

Hell, yes. The last time I got plucked off my roof because of water up to the upstairs windows, you best believe I had to be back to work on Monday, even if I was coming from another state. And when my father died in the swirling waters? I just grabbed a shovel and got back to work. That's what us honest white folk do!

So, do you love the poor black people or don't you? You can't just love 'em from afar, you gotta welcome them in to your neighborhood if you really mean it.

I have my house posted on the Internet to welcome some poor refugees, and if any of them have a spare laptop, they might even see it and come stay with me. How 'bout you?

Now I don't mean to be too hard on anyone. You're right to be afraid. When a system is set up that purposely works to keep poor people in their place, it's best to stay away from those poor people because some of them are apt to be a little mad.

And, if those poor people happen to be black and you happen to be white and have a little money, it wouldn't be a bit surprising if they decided to take out some of their frustration at the system on the white faces they see around them, and you are right to not want to take one for the white team here -- after all, you didn't create the system, did you?

You just voted for it.