Friday, September 23, 2005

Does This Look Like A Cocaine Addict to You?

Everyone knows that cocaine addicts get extremely skinny and start to look a bit haggard over time. It's been said that sometimes their legs resemble chopsticks. Anyway, it's so '80s. This isn't the St. Elmo's Freaking Fire era, people -- cocaine is O-U-T. None of this describes Kate Moss at all, so I say "Leave her alone!"

@ my amusement park: "I think it would be awesome if one of the companies for which she models said, "Yeah, she does cocaine. Duh. Why do you think she looks like that? It's pretty much an unspoken clause in our contract with her, so we're pleased as can be."

@ Antinemesis, Kate's new client.

@ Choochville: "This industry is so self-loathing. They condemn Kate because she was caught, but it's a widely accepted practice on photo shoots to have coke delivered."