Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Everybody Dies: Gilligan's Turn

Gilligan's dead:

Bob Denver, who bumbled and stumbled his way to television stardom as goofy castaway Gilligan in the 1960s comedy "Gilligan's Island," has died of complications from cancer, his agent said on Tuesday.

I once worked for a company that wanted Bob Denver to appear at an event, but they decided he was too much money. I was a little disappointed. I won't get that chance again, at least not on this side.

That always gives me a little existential angst. Other people are born, they live and they die and you never know them. Even stranger, the people on TV are people that are born, live and die and you feel like you know them when you really don't, and if you saw them in real life they'd smile that smile that says, "Try to remember. You see me on the screen, but I don't see you."

@ fox gnaws: "My favorite episode was the one where a box of radioactive seeds washes onto shore. They plant the seeds and are stunned to realize the plants have matured overnight. After a suitable feast, they wake the next morning to discover they have gained super-powers."

@ Clift Notes: "I've read that when Bob Denver got the part of Maynard, he didn't even know what a beatnik was...perhaps that was because Denver was a Catholic school teacher when he landed the role on "The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis" and became a world famous nut."

@ scream jerk, jay says: "A young intern recently hired by Scream Jerk to investigate the Bush administration's response time to the victims of Hurricane Katrina has stumbled upon information that may prove that George Bush is solely responsible for the death of Bob Denver, TV's Gilligan."

@ The Idiom, MrSurly says: "Gilligan's Island will always remind me of my childhood and a safer, simpler time -- a time when there were only three television networks and you and all your friends all watched the same shows, not because you liked them necessarily, but because there was nothing else on."