Friday, September 09, 2005

How Long Will It Take You to Get Here from Iraq?

The head of the National Guard bureau, Lt. Gen. Steven Blum, says that a day was "arguably" lost in responding to Katrina because the Mississippi National Guard's 155th Infantry Brigade and Louisiana's 256th Infantry Brigade were in Iraq fighting the terrorists instead of fighting them here at home.

Later, Lt. Gen. Blum was court-martialed. (Kidding, but don't be surprised. Truth is not taken well by our leaders.)

@ Cavalry Scout, The Trooper's Friend says: "Stretched thin. The American military is stretched thin. How many times have you heard that meme? How many times have you seen it in print? Have any idea how big a crock of bull it is?"

@ Rick the Vote: "George Bush is a DOUCHEY" (This was a follow-up post to the brilliant "Barbara Bush is a DOUCHEY.")