Monday, September 19, 2005

I Swear It's Me Under This Burqa

They're voting in Afghanistan, and although there's some threats here and there, it seems like it's going OK.

I saw a picture today of a long line of burqa-wearing women standing in line. I thought they didn't have to wear those anymore, maybe traditions die hard. How do they know that the person under the burqa is the same person as on the voter registration card? I'm sure they've come up with something, and if haven't, big deal. I hear there are 7000 candidates for various posts and no one knows who anyone is anyway.

Still, it's a real vote, and from here it shows how the Bushies did it right in Afghanistan and got too big for their britches in Iraq. Afghanistan's got the whole "democracy on the march" thing going, while it appears we will have control of Iraq only after we've killed every person living there. When that happens, I might move there and run for mayor or maybe even a higher post. Dare to dream, I say.

@ It Affects You: "W proclaimed the vote as a success and a step forward, commending “the tremendous progress that the Afghan people have made in recent years.” Speculation here is that he won’t be truly satisfied until turnout reaches the 30% threshold, hopefully lower in urban areas. Karl Rove is also surely disappointed that there have as yet been no accusations of election rigging or vote suppression. Clearly, there is still room for improvement in Afghani democracy. The Afghani elections will never truly be up to speed until lawyers and the supreme court are involved."

@ For A Conservative Way of Life: "In spite of the threat of would be murderers most people refer to as terrorists, out of over 5,500 candidates for various offices, only 7 candidates were murdered."