Thursday, September 01, 2005

I Won't Contribute to Katrina

I just stopped at the grocery store to pick up a candy bar. They only had one line open, plus the do-it-yourself area where you have to play amateur cashier. I hate that do-it-yourself area, but the other line was too long so I used it.

After I managed to get the candy bar's bar code to fit perfectly over the little laser and figured out how the machine worked so I could waste twice the time it would normally take me to buy a candy bar, an employee approached me and said, "Would you like to give a dollar for Hurricane Katrina?"

I said, "No."

First off, I'm offended that the store employees are wandering around fundraising instead of helping customers, especially when it's so obvious that the store conglomerate uses these do-it-yourself machines to cut down on the number of employees necessary to help customers so that the store conglomerate can turn a larger profit while having fewer of those pesky union workers to deal with.

But beyond that, I'm sick of footing the bill for George W. Bush and the rest of his so-called compassionate conservatives. It's been well-documented over the past two days that there were all kinds of warnings about what could happen to New Orleans and that the levees designed to keep out the water were sinking or uncompleted.

What did Bush do? Nothing. Actually, worse than nothing. He was so busy fighting his cowboy war in Iraq (cheers to Hugo Chavez for the analogy) that he actually diverted money away from the projects that might have saved New Orleans because the war was so damn expensive! And now I should pony up to help out? Sorry, Charlie.

Let Bush open his wallet. I'm sure he's still got a few nickels rolling around his pockets from flipping the Texas Rangers like a Miami condo.

You 60 million losers who voted for this loser open YOUR wallets. This president declared war on the poor long ago, and while some of us cared enough to vote for someone who gave a damn, you buried your heads in the sand, babbled about abortion and family values, and voted for the doofus.

And now you want to act all high and mighty and come asking me for a buck or two to help these poor people? Sorry, Charlie. Take an extra buck or two out of the fund you set aside to buy seventeen Support Our Troops magnets to stick all over your car to show how patriotic you are.

You want disaster relief? Impeach George W. Bush.

@ Blue Collar Politics, Jack says: "Bush used the peoples tendency to "believe" and had them/us believing that you COULD cut the taxes on the wealthy, grant corporate tax breaks, do away with Estate Taxes, fight wars of choice against non-aggressor nations, overpay friendly corporations on no bid contracts in Iraq (and have $9 BILLION go "missing"), cut the funding for things like the levees and allow destruction of the flood-protective wetlands AND STILL EASILY COPE WITH ANY DISASTER THAT COULD COME FROM THOSE POLICIES!

@, a compare and contrast of George Bush flying around while disasters happen, trying to figure out what the hell to do next.

@ Darleen's Place, Darleen says: "Those who indecently blame Bush for Katrina are just as despicable, and as deranged, as the a**hole/criminal "Repent America" group that claims Katrina is God's wrath for New Orleans "decadence" and gay-friendliness and Islamists declaring Private Katrina is part of the jihad."

@ Part-Time Pundit, jcb says: "You've heard that Bush cut the funding to protect New Orleans from this, but accourding to the Corps of Engineers in N.O. protection was 25 years off, and of unclear effectiveness."

@ Think Progress, more evidence that compassion is spelled t-a-x-c-u-t, but they're happy to ask you to lend a hand.

@ Blanton's and Ashton's, G.D. Frogsdong says: "Now Condi's beloved leader, President Chauncey Gardiner, has appeared on Good Morning America and claimed that nobody ever thought the levees would fail. It must be kind of pleasant to be that detached from reality. It must be fun being president when you don't have to have any clue at all as to what is or isn't true."

@ Eschaton, quotes from a CNN "personality": "I remember the riots in Watts, I remember the earthquake in San Francisco, I remember a lot of things. I have never, ever, seen anything as bungled and as poorly handled as this situation in New Orleans."

Also this, via DailyKos' transcription: "We're going to talk about something else before the show's over, too. And that's the big elephant in the room. The race and economic class of most of the victims, which the media hasn't discussed much at all, but we will a bit later.

@ Hullabaloo, Digby says: "This failed experiment in free-market magical thinking can be summed up entirely by pictures of dead elderly Americans on the streets of New Orleans."

@ The Next Hurrah, DemFromCT says: "If you want to help, send money (not goods) to the American Red Cross if you can. Donate by following this link, or donate by phone at 1-800-HELP NOW." (Hey, do what you gotta do.)