Tuesday, September 20, 2005

No Zank You, Dahling: NYT Times Select

The New York Times can kiss my lardy caboose. You think I or anyone else is going to pay $49.95 a year to get access to your Times Select to read your brainless columnists that say the same crap every day?

David Brooks: "College professors are evil and the urban jungle is the liberals' fault."

Maureen Dowd: "George Bush is stupid and evil, and this column willl be another clever way of telling you that."

Paul Krugman: "The latest economic figures prove that Bush has his head up his caboose, and I'm an economist so it means more when I say it."

Nice knowing you, losers. I have a feeling you'll still infiltrate my life through syndication, but you certainly won't get my money. I can get all the same crap from random bloggers or pull it out of my own stinky buns. I'm sure as fook not paying any $$$ for it.

TimesSelect? I'll select somewhere else to read what I already know, thanks so much.

@ HerbEly: "I don't think I'll miss Maureen Dowd."

@ Tim Worstall with today's John Tierney article. We'll see how long the New York Times selects to let bloggers get away with this.

@ MarkMaynard, who obviously has too much time on his hands if he's getting this elaborate to read Krugman: "I don't suppose that anyone would have a problem if I just posted a few paragraphs. I believe that would still fall under "fair use"… OK, so here's an idea. What if several bloggers got together and did the same thing, each posting a small section, so that, when taken together, they formed a complete story? If we each posted a few paragraphs, and if we each linked to the blog containing the sections immediately in front of and behind ours, then it should work, right? And, if done in a organized fashion, it could be almost organic. Someone could take paragrah one, and then immediately someone else could sign up for paragrah two. It would be like BitTorrent, only on a macro scale."

@ This Is Really Happening: "I’d love to link to my boyfriend Nicholad Kristof’s latest piece on Darfur, but the New York Times has introducing their suicidal TimesSelect “feature.” You pay $8 a month or $50 a year for the same editorial content you were used to getting for free online. Great deal, guys! Hey, wanna run that series on class in America again? If you do, only the wealthy will be able to read since it will be subscription-only."