Wednesday, September 14, 2005

One Nation, Underwhelmed

The Pledge of Allegiance is, again, unconstitutional.

A Federal court has decided that the atheists and other liberals are right and that kids in school shouldn't be forced to say "under God" because God knows some of them don't believe in Him or they prefer to pray to that rascal Allah.

Republicans are incensed, but seeing an opportunity to get politics away from messy things like Katrina and dead soldiers and back on their turf of inconsequential issues, have suggested the revision "One Nation, Under Ronald Reagan".

Other ideas have come in as well:

"One Nation, Underprepared"

"One Nation, Under A Groove"

"One Nation, Undercover, Unless You're Valerie Plame"

"One Nation, Underwear"

"One Nation, That Can Kick Your Ass"

"One Nation, That Would Be Better Off Without Cindy Sheehan"

"One Nation, That Would Be Ruled By Hitler If You Libs Had Your Way"

"One Nation, Misunderestimated"

And my choice:

"One Nation, Underwhelmed"

@ The Blob, "I just see this is yet another move by a hyper-liberal body of people to trample and shred any institutions of our democracy. To them, patriotism is a sign of weakness and should be destroyed at any opportunity. While I believe that people have a right to not believe in God, it angers me that they want to take that right away from me."

@ The Powers That Be, Doug says: "The terminally pesky are like water on a driveway – continuing to ebb and flow until finding a crack to seep into where it begins to further erode the integrity of the concrete. The water is beginning to find the cracks."

@ Frumious Blues, Michael says: "I don’t say the words “under God” if I’m attending an event where there is a public recitation of the Pledge, but I’ve also been made to feel pretty uncomfortable a couple of times because of that. Kids in school have the same option, but school bullies can be a lot crueler than wingnut adults."

@ Minipundit: "I think that we can all expect the best case scenario: the Pledge, in its current form, will go."

@ Fort Constitution: "I’m beside myself with anger over this. This piece of shit needs to be physically removed from the bench forever and bounced from the Bar. The faithless, Godless motherfucker that brought the suit in the first place should be taken out and shot for the traitorous motherfucker that he is." Zowee!