Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Poo on Your Party

All y'all were mad when I said I wasn't going to contribute to Katrina, and I got labeled a crazy left winger symbolic of the uncaring left by a bunch of right wingers with their heads up their cabooses.

Well check this, friends: 11 of your country's House of Representatives members voted against a big ol' aid package for Katrina, and I want you to take a super duper wild guess at which political party they were from... I'll give you a second to think...

Give up? They were all Republicans! Yes, every single one of those bastards who voted against that money to help save our brothers and sisters down in N'awlins was aligned with your friends in the G-O-P. All them nasty hippies on the left voted thumbs-up!

The names of the baddies, for the record:

Joe Barton - TX

Jeff Flake - AZ

Virginia Foxx - NC

Scott Garrett - NJ

John Hostettler - IN

Steve King - IA

Butch Otter - ID

Ron Paul - TX

James Sensenbrenner - WI

Tom Tancredo - CO

Lynn Westmoreland - GA

(Thanks to Oliver Willis for digging up the evidence.)

"We are in this sort of knee-jerk reaction mode," said Tom Tancredo, one of 11 House members, all Republicans, who voted against the latest emergency spending bill.

Funny, I didn't see a whole lotta reactin' going on at all.

Anyway, to all you who want to label the libs as uncaring I say poo on you, and poo on your party.

@ State 29, an homage to Iowa Congressman Steve King, aptly titled: Steve King, Iowa's Dumbest Congressman.

@ Ashia 28's Civics Blog Ashia28 says: "Is this natural disaster and the governments actions showing that if there was another terrorist attack would the United States be ready? Yes if the Al-Qaida attacked again we(the government) would not be ready people and media is also attacking President Bush for not responding to the storm quick enough Bush received the lowest ever approval rating after the late response from the government to the disaster."

That's quite a paragragh, but I'll give Ashia28 a break as it is his/her first blog post and everyone's got to start somewhere. At least no one called him/her a lot of bad names and told him/her that he/she would burn in the fires of Hades, which is what I got on my first posts and it hurt bad.

@ Off the Kuff, Charles quotes the opponent of Texas Rep Ron Paul, another voter againster: "Ron Paul only wanted to make a meaningless philosophical point while the rest of the country wants to come to the aid of the victims of Katrina."