Thursday, September 08, 2005

Refugees Get $2000, Buy Astros Tickets

FEMA is giving out cold hard cash to Katrina victims -- $2000 per household. I say, "It's about time they did something right."

For those stranded in places like the Houston Astrodome, the $2000 can come in the form of a MasterCard debit card. It ain't a new life, but for a little while they can just pretend they're on vacation. Buy some Astros T-shirts, get some hot dogs and nachos, have a little fun. Good job, FEMA.

I found this a little sad:

As a safeguard against fraud, the Associated Press reported that FEMA will use aerial photographs of devastated areas to verify that the refugees were forced from their homes in cases where they cannot provide documents to prove their losses or identities.

I can just see the people pointing at the aerial photograph: "That one, right there. That's mine. I can tell by the shape of the whole I blasted through the roof to escape."

@ Eschaton, Atrios discusses CNN reporter Kyra Phillips making sure that those nasty refugees don't double-dip on the debit cards.

@ Bipolar Musings, Michele in Texas offers: "And this morning they had to lock down the Astrodome for awhile while trying to get the $2000 checks out to the people awaiting them there was such uproar and problem. Seems HPD may be right. When they arrived on the busses here from LA they had been patted down for weapons, well Houston PD took piles of guns and knives from them on arrival... This is a side the media is not telling. These folks that came from the Super Dome came from a rough part of town. My brother is familiar with the city; says it's a place he'd never go. He likes life too much.

@ rightwingsparkle: "Schools were opened for the children, school supplies given, and now $2000 check cards for everyone to get started. And this list is just a partial list. Bush signed off 10 billion just to begin helping. Does this sound like a man who doesn't like black people? (we won't even go into his appointment for cabinet-level positions)"