Thursday, September 29, 2005

Yippee for John Roberts!

John Roberts got confirmed, and, judging by this photo, everyone's REALLY happy about it.

@ Mind of Mog: "Bush couldn’t have picked a more intelligent, level headed choice from what I’ve read and seen of him in the hearings. How will the MSM spin that?"

@ TomFlannery:" Now some guy that nobody really knows a thing about has one of the most important jobs in the country.....and he can hold it until he starts dribbling on himself. Actually, he can hold it after he starts dribbling on himself too." (Good comments on Brit Hume/Tom DeLay interview here, too.)

@ Protein Wisdom: "Among those who voted nay on Roberts are Bayh, Biden, Clinton, Kerry, and Obama—all candidates to pursue higher office, including nearly every ostensible 2008 Democratic Presidential candidate from the Senate (with Joe Lieberman the exception; though, as John Cole points out, he himself has “a better chance of being the ‘08 Democratic nominee than Joe Lieberman")."

@ Packed in Saccharin: "Deeply disappointed."