Thursday, October 13, 2005

I Think His Brains Are Leaking

Despite the fact that I use much of my blog space ogling women and posting pictures of Siamese twins, this editorial makes me believe I am overqualified to be a columnist at a major newspaper.
Richard Cohen (and I'll refrain from calling him "Dick") has obviously spent so much time going to D.C. cocktail parties and enjoying the fawning of the political elite who hope he'll write something nice about them (and would have no use for Cohen otherwise), that he is now attacking the special prosecutor in that CIA spy leak thingie, telling him, "Hey, bunshole, we commit petty crime here in Washington all the time. You're from Chicago, you should be used to that with your politicians. Go after someone who really needs to be brought to justice, like Hillary Clinton. Did you hear she and Slick Willie offed Vince Foster?"

And Cohen gets all sniffie about the fact that Fitzgerald won't talk to him, won't tell him absolutely anything -- Does he know I'm Richard Cohen? This is an outrage!

If you buttskins in the middle of the action can't figure out where your priorities should be as watchdogs of the government, then step aside and let the Blunderfords of the world run your paper. We'll work a lot harder and offer a lot more pictures of Natalie Glebova in a bikini.