Thursday, October 06, 2005

Is This Some Kind of A Joke?

"If you see a hairy guy making a face like this, that there's a terraist."

Here's the transcript from King Bush's "major" speech delivered today.

The AP covered the speech by using this headline:

Bush: Radicals Seek to Intimidate World

Perhaps the more appropriate headline would have been:

Bush, Radicals Seek to Intimidate World.

@ A Beginner's Mind: "Perhaps the President had better take a closer look at some of the real, closer-to-home radicals opposing the American way of life and the ideology they espouse."

@ Over A Candle: "I don’t recall seeing ’sacrifice’ mean raising taxes and repealing tax cuts. So the only sacrifices being made are by the poor who are watching their government services dwindle to nothing and their sons and daughters dying, and by all of us in terms of freedoms loss."

@ Atlas Shrugs, much excitement: President Bush Historical Speech Calls for Total War on Islamo-fascism (Transcript and Video) "You must see the President's speech on the GWOT - or as I see it - GWORI - The global war on Radical Islamofascism (yes yes he finally said it), you must understand the strategy and why we are doing what we are doing."