Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Real Reason Republicans Win All the Elections

Former Arkansas state rep Jim Bob Duggar (you read correct, Jim Bob Duggar) shows off his brood of GOP loyalists in Rogers, Arkansas. Jim Bob and Michelle birthed their 16th child, and may have more if they can think up any more names that start with "J", having already cursed one child with the name Jinger but so far not utilizing their secret weapon... Jim Bob Jr.

Michelle released a statement calling on all feminists to spend the years from 21 to 41 birthing babies, but suggested stopping "if y'all's grandbabies are older than your very own babies."

@ A Stitch In Haste: "The first thought that crossed my mind was how the prolific couple plan to adequately finance sixteen college education funds. Then I remembered: they're from Arkansas."

@ Tomorrow Yesterday: "Just imagine if their 16 kids then had 16 kids each. That'd be 256 kids. The exponential effect could be crazy."