Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Who the Fook Is John Hannah?

I want Karl Rove to go down, I'll even take Scooter Libby, but John Hannah? Who's he? It's not the same guy who played for the Patriots way back when, is it?

I suppose you have to go after the people that actually did things wrong, but if John Hannah ends up being the extent of this Valerie Plame deal, Blunderford will not be a happy camper. We all know Rove has his tentacles all over this sheet, and if they've woven a Web that spits him back out into the White House smelling like a rosy turd blossom, I'm going to heave up the pork 'n beans I enjoyed so much for lunch.

Now they're talking about Cheney resigning. That's more like it.

@ Brain and Eggs: "There have been rumors on the Internets for quite some time that Big Time Dick would pull the plug on himself and that the 2008 GOP heir apparent would assume the vice-presidency. Even with Dubya's loyalty to fealty, and the amount of sense this actually makes for Republican prospects of holding the White House for twelve years, I don't think Dr. James Dobson would allow a pro-choice African-American female to be promoted. Now... Rick Santorum? More like that.

@ d-day: "Hannah was mentioned in Joseph Wilson's memoir as the perfect patsy, a guy who could do the dirty work so the big boys could keep their hands clean. If he's flipped we're in for a wild ride."

@ The Strata-Sphere: "If the democrats thought going after Clinton in peace time hurt the reps - boy wait until they see what happens if they go after Bush and Cheney during a time of war on this silliness. Let’s hope Fitzgerald is a truly serious prosecutor and not out to become the champion of the lunatic left."

@ Church of the Front Porch: "What sweet irony that a creep on loan to Cheney from Bush's best pal John Bolton may bring down the House of Bush."