Monday, January 23, 2006

How Many Feet in a Meter, How Many Quarts In a Gallon

Every so often you need to know certain measurement information that is practically impossible to remember unless you are a goob who likes math. I know you're not, so you need help.

Below is Blunderford's guide to common measurement conversions. Feel free to thank me or let me know of other measurements you often forget in the comments below...

  • How many feet in a meter? There are 3.28084 feet in a meter, there are 3 feet in a yard. This is why yards are superior to meters.
  • How many cups in a pint? Two
  • How many pints in a quart? Two.
  • How many cups in a quart? Four.
  • How many quarts in a liter? 1.05669 US quarts. That two liter soda is actually more than two quarts -- it would be like a bonus if that last glass in the bottle wasn't always completely flat.
  • How many quarts in a gallon? There are 4 quarts in a gallon.
  • How many pounds in a ton? 2000.
  • How many feet in a mile? 5,280.
  • How many meters in a mile? Roughly 1609.34. I've never known anyone who actually needed this measurement, but what the hell I thought, throw it in there.
  • How many yards in a mile? 1760, a nice round number that again proves the superiority of the yard versus the meter or any other metric B.S.
  • How many teaspoons in a tablespoon? 3. I always think it's two, which explains the taste of the blueberry muffins I'm always whipping up.
  • How many ounces in a cup? 8 fluid ounces.
  • How many ounces in a gallon? 128 ounces.
  • How many ounces in a pound? 16 ounces. The ounces thing always trips me up, and if you look at the word "ounces" for too long, it's hard to believe it's a real word or you start to think you must have spelled it wrong.
  • How many ounces in a ton? 32,000.
  • How many times are they gonna give Jenna Elfman her own show before understanding we don't like her? Four.
  • How many more days until George W. Bush is out of office? Don't get me started, pal.
  • How many old Vince Vaughans in the new Vince Vaughan? Two. (This would have been funnier if I'd spelled his name right. It's actually Vince Vaughn.)
  • How many Halle Berrys in one of Aretha Franklin's breasts? 3.4.

I could do this forever.