Tuesday, January 24, 2006

what i've seen today

Kanye West as Jesus Christ.

UPN and WB combining to form a bigger network that no one will watch. (The Comics Fan: "I wonder, though, whether the end of WB will throw cold water on an Aquaman series that’s being developed by the guys who created 'Smallville.'" I think we're all wondering about that.)

Man Has Cardiac Arrest at Cardiologist Ball

A guy bit a passenger and then jumped out of the moving plane onto the tarmac. Troy Rigby's 15 minutes of fame.

White House says gas prices still too high. Friggin geniuses running this place.

Maria Sharapova squealing and grunting may be illegal, but enjoyed by men everywhere.

Al Gore is promising to bore us all to death with another book.

Russia says British used rock to spy. I think this happens at Epcot Center as well, but I have no proof.