Monday, February 20, 2006

Is Jimmy Carter Siding with the Terrorists?

I love Jimmy Carter. He may be the greatest ex-president we've ever had. But Jimmy's talking out his glutes today in the Washington Post.

Carter's making the case that the U.S. & Israel should go easy on the Palestinians despite their electing the terrorists in Hamas to be their leaders. To see how crazy this is, all you have to do is read these sentences from one of Carter's first paragraphs, which presumably he wrote with a straight face (I added the bolding on the particularly-silly line):

Although Hamas won 74 of the 132 parliamentary seats, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas retains the right to propose and veto legislation, with 88 votes required to override his veto. With nine of its elected members remaining in prison, Hamas has only 65 votes, plus whatever third-party support it can attract.
So Jimmy is telling us that Hamas doesn't really have as much power as it might appear. Why? Because 9 of the people elected are in friggin' jail! Jimmy! They're in jail! We should sit back and be cool when the Palestinians are electing jailed criminals to be their leaders? Yes, I realize that 9 or more of our own country's elected leaders should be in jail, but generally not for murder (although Dick Cheney came close). That's a sign of bad judgement when you elect jailed terrorists to lead you, Jimmy.

The rest of the piece is fairly dry and boring, but one other line jumped out at me:

The election of Hamas candidates cannot adversely affect genuine peace talks, since such talks have been nonexistent for over five years.
So what are you saying, Jimmy? Since we haven't been able to get any peace anyway, what's the difference if the terrorists are in charge?

Jimmy, you're an agent of peace. But Hamas is not. Don't downplay what they're capable of.

@ Booman Tribune: "Nowhere is the schizophrenia of the Bush administration's attitude toward democracy more evident than in their decision to collude with Israel to deny Palestine with the funding they need (including their own honestly earned tariff revenues) to pay for basic services."

@ California Conservative: "It’s time to move this doddering old fool from the national stage and into a rest home somewhere that he won’t be a further embarassment to himself and where he can’t kiss up to all of the global tyrants, although there aren’t that many tyrants left that he hasn’t touted as great leaders."

@ Evil Bobby: "Hamas will surely gain funding from other, less peace minded, governments in the region, if they're cut off from all sources of money. Iran for one, will step up in an instant to completely fund Hamas."

@ Holy Coast: "Let us all pause for a moment and give thanks that Jimmuh and his like are no longer in positions of power in the United States."